Extended Timetable

Tickets & Prices

The WVG and another 14 transport companies are partners in the Braunschweig region ticketing system. The region is subdivided into individual tariff zones with four pricing levels. With just one ticket, you can change from the bus to the light rail system or local trains – throughout the ticketing area. In keeping with our motto “A ticket for everyone!” you can travel from one side of the region to the other with a single ticket.

If your entire journey is within tariff zone 20 (Wolfsburg), 40 (Braunschweig) or 80 (Goslar), the city tariff applies. In other tariff zones, price level 1 applies. If your journey covers two adjacent tariff zones, price level 2 applies. For three adjacent zones, price level 3 applies, and if you travel though four or more tariff zones, you pay price level 4.

The blue tariff zone 20 corresponds to the Wolfsburg urban area. For journeys within this tariff zone, the city tariff or price level 1 applies.
If you travel to Lehre for example, your journey covers two tariff zones. Price level 2 therefore applies.

If you enter tariff zone 40 (Braunschweig), price level 3 will apply. Price level 4 applies for journeys beyond this, regardless of how far you travel within the tariff area.

The city tariff is only valid for journeys within the Braunschweig, Wolfsburg or Goslar urban areas.

Price levelUrban tariff
Individual tickets90 Min.90 Min.90 Min.120 Min.150 Min.
Children (6-14 years)1,401,802,403,605,40
Multi-ride tickets     
2x ticket4,604,907,4010,5016,40
10x ticket22,0022,0034,2047,7079,60
Day tickets     
1 person5,806,109,2012,8020,00
2 persons7,808,1011,2015,8024,00
3 persons9,8010,1013,2018,8028,00
4 persons11,8012,1015,2021,8032,00
5 persons13,8014,1017,2024,8036,00
Weekly tickets     
Monthly tickets     
Plus ticket68,5070,7083,90112,60154,70
U21 ticket  19,90
Senior citizen ticket (65 years or above)58,4060,7069,9079,2088,30
Subscription tickets     
Plus subscription57,0059,0069,4092,00124,90
U21 subscription  16,60
Senior citizen subscription (65 years or above)47,8049,6057,1064,7072,20
Job ticket      
50 tickets and more per ticket53,3055,1064,8087,60119,70
100 tickets and more per ticket49,3051,1060,2081,20110,90
Entire network Entire network75,00
Comfort supplement     
Bicycle day ticket     
Entire network, day ticket 2,30
Extension ticket     
entire network, for 150 Min. and one direction 2,50
1. Class Extension Ticket      
Individual-/Multi-ride tickets 1,502,203,205,10
Monthly tickets Basis and Extra 29,5035,0046,9064,50
Abos (Basis-, Extra-, Job-Abo) 24,8029,5039,1053,20